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“Haute Hood and Purse” by Leah Shenandoah, Oneida Iroquois Wolf Clan


L 18.5” W14” x H 18.5”

Date Created:  01/2008

(Sterling Silver, labradorite, pearls, rabbit fur, 

pheasant feathers, satin, brass, necklace wire)

“When designing my art I ask the Universe to help guide my hands and mind. I also consider the metaphysical and healing properties of each material I use. I created the piece to be worn as a hood and breastplate: a form of protection for the sacred spaces of the head and heart. I utilized the white Rabbit fur and white satin lining to represent the purity of the Good Mind. The Good Mind is the Iroquois ideology brought to us by the Peacemaker to live with honor and respect for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. I also incorporated a Pheasant feather trim for the healing properties of their lustrous blue and green colors. The color blue represents the throat chakra and the color green represents the heart chakra. These colors are important for this piece because one needs to speak the truth and have a pure heart when living with the Good Mind. The Sterling Silver beads are etched with Japanese Edo period designs, which are very similar to Aboriginal designs from around the world. By blending designs from different cultures, I am honoring our humanness - we are all connected. I believe that to achieve peace in a world filled with suffering, we need to turn to our ancestral teachings in order to create a unification between our cultures.”

 ©Leah Shenandoah 2014