Weight of the World - Leah Shenandoah


"spɛktrə" is a musical journey into the heart space of vocalist, Leah Shenandoah. Through collaboration with Arrested Development's JJ Boogie, Leah creates unique songs that offer an array of emotions and sounds. A virtuoso composer and visionary musician, JJ’s beats combine many different styles of music, creating a solid base for Leah's eclectic voice. Her lyrics are inspired by life experience, divine channel and the intent to help others find love for self.

"Poetic, sweeping and vivid, music for the soul" - Speech of Arrested Development

"My goal in life is to help heal Mother Earth and her inhabitants through my music and art." - Leah Shenandoah

Recorded at World Harmony Studios NY
Mixed & Mastered by Patrick MacDougall

Patrick MacDougall (World Harmony Studios)
Jeremy Johnston (Subcat Studios)
Jim Summers (Loft Recording Studio)

Additional Artists:
Michael Kott - Cello
Ed Koban - Guitar
Jimmy Wynne – Bass
Joanne Shenandoah – Backround Vocals
Artwork by Robert Orduno (aka Bobby Whitecrow)

Melody & Lyrics by Leah Shenandoah ©2013
Music Produced & Written by JJ Boogie ©2013

Producer Joanne Shenandoah
Co-Producer Leah Shenandoah

1. My Spine is Tingling (3:46)
2. Feast (4:00)
3. Weight of The World (5:38)
4. 14 Angels (3:19)
5. Loving Impermanence
6. Beauteous Wonder (4:15)
7. In My Bones (4:30)
8. Wish (3:23)
9. Weight of the World Reprise (5:15)
10. Zion (4:26)
11. Beauteous Wonder Reprise Solo (4:15)

Leah Shenandoah is an Oneida Iroquois Wolf Clan member who has been singing her entire life. A veteran on stage and in the studio, she has been performing with her mother, Grammy Award winning Joanne Shenandoah for 27 years. This invaluable life experience has enabled Leah to have a solid presence on the mic with full mastery of her vocal and songwriting abilities.
Leah is also an award winning jeweler and artist, and uses many different mediums to convey her loving intentions to the universe. Leah is an MFA candidate in Metalsmithing and Jewelry design from Rochester Institute of Technology '11, and has a Bachelor of Science in Textiles from Syracuse University '06. Whether using her voice or her hands, Leah creates from the heart and weaves together strands of existence in a most ethereal way.


Many thanks to: 

My mom, Joanne Shenandoah, my family and friends for being my main supporters, believing in me no matter what!
JJ Boogie - you are out of this world amazing and I am truly honored to work with you!! 

World Harmony Studios - thank you so much for everything, simply a phenomenal experience!! 

Subcat Studios - you guys are so awesome! I look forward to working together in the future! 

Michael Kott, Ed Koban, Jim Wynne - truly an honor to work with such talented musicians, thank you so much!!! 

A big shout out from the bottom of my heart to the Ascended Masters and Lightworkers especially Sheila Applegate, Flor de Mayo and Robert Orduño, together we are raising the vibration of Earth! 

Send a money order for $25.00 to: Leah Shenandoah, Box 450, Oneida, NY  13421 with name to autograph  Please allow 1-2 weeks.

 ©Leah Shenandoah 2015